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Saturday, May 5, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things

Blue Bye You Bracelet with vintage stamps from Japan, Guatemala and other exotic destinations around the world.

Green With Envy bracelet made from vintage postage stamps from Mexico, Germany and Russia amongst others.

Butterfly Kisses Bracelet made from vintage postage stamps from Guyana, Nippon (Japan to us) and Belgium.

Travels Across the Sea-pia Bracelet made from vintage postage stamps from France, Thailand, India and more.

Leather and Lace Necklace made guessed it, vintage leather buttons and a lace collar.

Rhapsody In Blue Necklace made from lace collar and vintage cloth buttons.

A cluster of rings made from vintage buttons.

Spider Web Fascinator made from from fine gauge wire
What do you make with golf pencils you find at a yard sale?  Why a necklace of course!

Amanda's lovely curls sporting a headband made from vintage purple buttons.

Headband made from vintage white buttons.

A gaggle of  brass pinch bracelets made from vintage buttons and vintage up-cycled jewelry pieces

This one I could not part with.  It's made from vintage and broken jewelry pieces.  The birdie is an earring on top of cufflink from the 70's.

Another bracelet that still lives with me.  It's made from vintage broken earrings and buttons.

Pony tail holders made from vintage buckles and buttons.

Button, button, who's got the button?  Rings made from vintage buttons.

Another view of the pencil necklace.

Brass pinch bracelet made from vintage brass buttons with a lovely patina.

MaryAnn and her Samoan.

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